Design and Dentistry are the two passions of Dr. Parth Kansagra. Mending his two creative talents was obvious to him at a very young age. Both design and dentistry were introduced to Dr. K since he was a child.

First, his father was a dentist, which inevitably meant he spent much of his childhood in his fathers dental clinics. He saw how big of a difference his father was making in peoples lives, and more importantly loved the family atmosphere of the dental office. Like dentistry, design came about in Dr. K's life through his family.

Growing up, his family from India was immigrating to America, just as his father had once done. Seeing that the family needed more space, Dr. K's father decided to build a home that could comfortably support his extended family, while they assimilated to a new country. Since Dr. K was a young child, he was taken to all the building meetings for the house, and very quickly discovered how homes were built and his innate sense of interior design.

Later in high school, Dr. K was apart of his school leadership, where his leadership teacher Mrs. Gonzales, pushed him to be creative and cultivate that creativity. That is where is love for event design started. He would hold elaborate luncheons, dances, rallies, and other school event for different groups on campus as part of his leadership position.

Since then, Dr. K has not stopped. His creativity has grown, and his education has progressed. Along the way, he decided dentistry and design were the perfect careers for him.